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With a wide variety of products to choose from, let the experts at Bryant help you customize a solution that's right for you.

Evolution System
The Evolution System offers unprecedented levels of energy efficiency and comfort through precision control of temperature, humidity, and fan speed.
Preferred Series
The Bryant Preferred Series delivers proven, reliable comfort that is better than or equivalent to other manufacturers' top-of-the-line offerings.
Legacy Line
The Legacy Line builds on Bryant's century-old tradition of delivering good solid, value with a series that still offers choices in energy efficiency and comfort control.

Gas Furnaces

To get the perfect combination of gas heat and cost-saving energy efficiency, take a look at our line of all-star Bryant gas furnaces. From the top-of-the-line Evolution™ Series 95s AFUE modulating gas furnace with PerfectSense™ temperature functionality, our Evolution™ Series 96 AFUE with PerfectHeat® and PerfectHumidity® to the solid Legacy™ Line 80 AFUE.
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Air Conditioners

At Bryant, we've been improving indoor comfort for over a hundred years. Our solid Evolution™ Series offers our highest efficiency home cooling, which saves you the most money during operation, while our Preferred™ Series and Legacy™ Line products give you economical performance, comfort and value.
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Heat Pumps

The rock-solid Bryant Evolution Series heat pump offers Bryant's highest efficiency performance and most comfort options, and our Preferred™ Series and Legacy™ Line products provide economical comfort.
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Power Generators

Don't be left in the dark when power goes out! A Bryant standby generator can run on natural or LP gas and have automatic startup and shutdown.
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Efficient and hard-working Bryant Energy Recovery Ventilators bring fresh air into your home throughout the longer cooling season, while Heat Recovery Ventilators keep your air warm and fresh during longer heating seasons—forcing stale air and pollutants out of your home.
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Bryant Fan-Powered Humidifiers are independent units with their own fans that add moisture directly into your ducts. Bypass Humidifiers work in tandem with your furnace system to deliver enhanced moisture throughout your home.
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Bryant's Perfect Air™ solutions provide healthier and cleaner air throughout your home. Dependable Bryant air filtration systems capture microscopic airborne particles such as pollen, mold spores, pet dander and viruses.
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The perfect heat source for your home's radiant system, solid Bryant gas- and oil-fired boilers deliver efficient, consistent warmth without the noise and draft of forced air systems. Keep in mind, the higher the AFUE percentage, the more you'll save on energy costs.
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Packaged Air Conditioner

The Evolution™ packaged air conditioner is part of the all-star Evolution System and offers extra-quiet comfort. The advanced Preferred™ Series air conditioner offers cost-saving efficiency and environmentally sound Puron® Refrigerant, while the Legacy™ Line features R-22 refrigerant and highly efficient cooling.
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Packaged Heat Pump

Bryant's® Evolution™ packaged heat pump is part of the hard-working Bryant Evolution System product line and offers extra-quiet comfort, while the solid Preferred™ Series packaged heat pump offers cost-saving energy efficiency and environmentally sound Puron® Refrigerant
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Packaged Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner

Bryant's® Evolution™ packaged gas furnace and air conditioner is part of the top-notch Evolution System and offers extra-quiet comfort, while the advanced Preferred™ Series offers cost-saving energy efficiency and environmentally sound Puron® Refrigerant.
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Packaged Hybrid Heat

The Evolution™ hybrid heat packaged product works within the top-of-the-line Bryant Evolution System and offers extra-quiet comfort, while the Preferred™ Series hybrid heat product offers cost-saving energy efficiency and environmentally sound Puron® Refrigerant.
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Evaporator Coils

When you want to get the most out of your Bryant air conditioner or heat pump, choosing the right evaporator coil is important. Our wide range of Preferred™ Series evaporator coils, built to fit your specific installation needs, absorb heat so your family can keep cool.
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Fan Coils

Rock-solid Bryant fan coils can increase your system's SEER rating up to 2 full points—a boost that will save you money in energy costs.
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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Innovative Bryant geothermal heat pumps tap into the earth's surface to use the energy and consistent heat found in the ground, a pond or well water as a heat source and heat sink - instead of using outside air like traditional heat pumps. Geothermal heat pumps provide both cooling and heating to your home, and are able to maintain the highest efficiency on even the coldest winter nights or the hottest summer days, saving money.
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